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The Biberbau kindergardens – our houses in Vienna

Designing a kindergarten in a big city is always a challenge: there are only a few suitable areas available, and individually usable green spaces are also a rarity. Our concept is therefore geared towards giving your children as much space to develop as possible - and to use the surroundings to do so. In addition, all sites are cleaned and disinfected daily to ensure that the environment is not only suitable for children, but also clean and safe.


Our house in Gablenzgasse 10 is located on the first floor of an apartment building.

There are two group rooms: Group Yellow for our "little ones" (0-3 years) has room for 15 children, and Group Orange, our kindergarten group with 3-6 year olds, has room for 22 children. Each group room has access to its own children's bathroom.

The rooms in Gablenzgasse are large, bright and the facility is completely adapted to the needs of your child. We work according to the principle of thematic areas - for example, there is a Montessori area, a building corner, a creative area, a free play and movement area, and a role play area. In the group of 3-6 year olds, we also have an area specifically for supporting children in their last year of kindergarten.

In the Gablenzgasse we also have a small green courtyard. There are various opportunities to play and spend time outdoors. Especially the little ones enjoy the sandbox and free play area. There are also several playgrounds and parks in the immediate vicinity of the site, which we enjoy visiting regularly.

The Gablenzgasse is managed by an on-site pedagogical site manager. The team of 4 colleagues is "international": German-speaking pedagogues are joined by English-speaking pedagogues at native speaker level. We are happy about the good working atmosphere and the close cooperation between the colleagues.


Our house at Leystraße 69 is located on the first floor of an apartment building. We have three group rooms with adjoining children's bathrooms and two children's bistros. In the Leystraße there is the group yellow with 15 children (0-3) and 2 caregivers, the group green with 25 children (3-6) with 2 caregivers and the group orange with 23 children (3-6) with 2 caregivers. The furnishing of the large, bright group rooms is based on the needs of your child. Depending on their interests, your child can occupy themselves with various activities in our themed areas: There is a construction and a Montessori corner, a creative area, a role play area and plenty of space for free play and movement. Children in their last year of kindergarten have their own support area to prepare them for the transition to school.

We use the two spacious children's bistros for all meals of the day, allowing the children to be very independent while eating. We also use the space for other activities with the children - for example, we have the opportunity to offer many activities there, especially from the area of "exercises of daily living", which are fun for the children and promote their development through play.

The large, green inner courtyard in the Leystraße is gladly used by our children for playing. Especially the youngest have a lot of fun with offers for free play, but also the older ones like to use the courtyard for playing and romping. In the immediate vicinity of the site are several playgrounds and parks that we visit regularly.

Leystraße is managed by a pedagogical site manager on site. The team of 6 colleagues is very international and works closely together. Your family will feel at home!

Where to find us

16., Gablenzgasse 10 - Kindergarten with 25 places and toddler group with 15 places

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20., Leystraße 69 - Kindergarten with 50 places and toddler group with 15 places

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Kindergarten Träger
Köhling Familien Service gGmbH
Leystraße 69
1200 Vienna

Phone 0660 4156153